Bernalillo County and Property Taxes

Alright, I’m violating the “one post per day” at most rule, but I just went to the Bernalillo County Property Tax “Online Payment Home”. I go there thinking Cool! online payment for my property taxes! Who cares what anybody else says, Bernalillo County has got it going on!

So then I notice a few hiccups. First, the 2005 tax bills aren’t online..maybe they aren’t even printed yet, but aren’t they due by December 10th or so? Then comes the real killer part, namely:

“The Bernalillo County Treasurer has entered into an agreement with First State Bank to process credit card payments. You may now pay your Bernalillo County property taxes online. First State Bank/Official Payment Corp. the service provider, will charge a convenience fee for this service. The fee will be 2.5% of your tax payment. Bernalillo County does not charge or retain any portion of this fee.”

Well, all I gotta say is that the B.C. Treasurer’s Office is some wily, hard-ass negotiators. Only 2.5% for online transactions? You mean my approx. $1000 tax bill will only cost me an additional 25 (*@%*^@+) dollars to process online? Them Treasurer’s Office folks are some NFL agent kinda hard-ass negotiators! First State Bank must be feeling totally screwed in that deal, getting only 2.5% for doing….um, basically nothing.

Bernalillo County? I have this ’91 Suzuki Sidekick I’d like to sell you…yeah, it runs, Blue Book is about $900. I’ll sell it to you for, let’s see…how’s $10,000 sound? With a 2.5% processing fee that’ll make it $10,250.

And yeah, I see your brain churning out there in Blogland..”hmmm….Treasurer’s Office….Treasurer’s Office, where have I heard something about impropriety concerning some Treasurer’s Office lately?” I can’t put my finger on it, but…”

I have always found it quaint in a 3rd World sort of way that we made our Property Tax check out directly to the Treasurer in the past. Hard to wonder if that wasn’t designed to just save a step in the process, not that Alex Abeyta, Jr.’s tenure as previous County Treasurer had any problems. (subscription…maybe)


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