Hi Honey, I’m Home!

And where the Hell have I been? It’s true that I have a set a personal record of not posting to Burque Babble. And I’m about personal records, AKA “PRs”.

So what about my personal responsibility to readers of this blog? Somebody the other night asked pretty much this exact question, and it was hard not to laugh. Then it was even harder not to laugh when I launched into a serious answer to the question. My friends and wife at the table did, in fact, start laughing…and laughed harder the more serious I got.

Which does make one question this whole blog thing, both in terms of what “service” bloggers actually provide and how the word “responsibility” could possibly get mixed-up with what amounts to a few periodic silly paragraphs about various subjects.

Now I don’t expect you to continue reading as my mind rattles off 500 meandering words on what this all means. God that would be boring. So I’ll just throw the questions out there (the ones explicitly or implicitly laid out above) and move on.

But not right this second.

The big reason for my not posting to Burque Babble Personal Record has been the denouement of the school year. Now that denoue has ment, so to speak, and I have eleven weeks to recover from a great, wild, fascinating, at-times devastating couple of semesters, I now need another break to “process” what it all means. Blogs included.

So, I’m gonna just sits around and think for a day or two. Yeah, I’ll be thinking about Robert Vigil kinda stuff. Pondering how much that rogue juror from Roswell might have been paid to hold out against conviction. I’ll think about the HEART ordinance, an ordinance only about three pages shorter than Hilary Clinton’s nationalized health care bill of years back. Yeah, I’ll be batting around “blog worthy” topics such as these.

But maybe more than anything, I’ll be thinking about what a term like “blog worthy” really means, and that it might be a classic oxymoron when you get down to it. Or maybe not. Or maybe just an oxymoron when applied to Burque Babble.

I’ll spend a day or two cleaning my blog brain while also cleaning my semester-long neglected house. After two days I predict my brain will be cleaner than my house, but both will still have plenty of cobwebs and hairballs. That’s why having eleven weeks off in the Summer is the greatest thing since…forever. By the end of the vacation you just about get to that last cobweb, the very last one deep in the psyche’s dark corners. Then the new school year starts and you’re right back where you were after about a day and a half.

Funny thing, that human brain. I’m gonna take it for a vacation test drive and probably come back with some changes to things like Burque Babble and my life while simultaneously shaking the foundations of truth and knowledge as we perceive them. I dunno, it could happen. I’ll be back in a day or two for a progress report.


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