Checkin’ In From Pecos Wilderness

It’s never good when you go to the Pecos to get some snow and it ends up snowing more at the corner of Carlisle and Comanche than it does up in Cowles. The Babble is pleasantly stuck up here where the snow matches the ponderosa pines and stellar jays a bit better than it does the parking lot of the Unitarian church. Staying in a radiant heated log cabin doesn’t hurt, either.

Yet we have to drive home today and our rickety ‘Net access here tells us that Burque is a huge bumper car arcade and La Bajada hill is, well, La Bajada hill.

Time for another hike through the snowy, car-free roadway toward Winsor Trail while the rest of the world sorts itself out.

Babble will be back to Babblin’ shortly, pending a drive down said La Bajada and a leisurely sojourn amidst the other bumper car operators in ABQ.


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