Heather Catches Up To Reality

and there’s not another election for, like, almost two years…

I’m liking this new Heather Wilson, the one that pretty much disagrees with the President on everything. You saw it via today’s free Journal, too, but I think comments like this deserve repetition:

“We need a hard-nosed assessment of what we need, not what we wish,” Wilson said. “Sometimes I think our national objectives in Iraq— including by our president— are described in pretty broad terms.
“I want Iraqi people to live in a free and democratic society, but that’s not our military mission there … that’s an aspiration, that’s not a vital national interest for the United States.”

Now, of course, if Heather had only said this in, say, December 2005, 0r 2004, or 2003. But one wonders what Patsy Madrid would have said that would be any different now, and if she could have said it as eloquently. No, really one doesn’t have to wonder about that…

And speaking of old, tired news, my “news moratorium” is now officially over. I’ll write later about its effects on my psyche and other holiday-related neurosis, but right now I have a bunch of news/culture obsession to binge back into. Whaddya mean Gerald Ford died?


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