Whither Marty? A Sopranos Family Solution

Johnny Mango over at Duke City Fix has a post today about the possibility of a Martin Chavez v. Heather Wilson CD#1 race in ’08. He makes some good points about the viability of a Chavez candidacy, ignoring the irrelevant fact that I’m not a huge fan of the guy. Chavez that is.

In my gut, a large, foreboding place becoming unsettlingly larger by the week, I just don’t see Marty going for Heather’s seat. Instead, I’m thinking Chavez v. Domenici. Yes, I read that most folks think even a Domenici in a pajama-wearing, amnesiac-Uncle Junior-on-the-Sopranos condition would win another term against anyone in a cakewalk. But what political seat really matches Marty in his current state of high-popularity Feudal Princedom?

I’m not so sure even Governor is enough for Marty now.

Think of it as a litmus test….if Marty does run against Pete D. it shows just how far the Republican party has imploded both in NM and nationally. And who can refute the statement that Repubs are in the middle of a Vegas Strip hotel-level, full-scale implosion? Anyone?

So call it a hunch, a gut feeling, and probably a wildly off-base guess.

Senate ’08: Chavez v. Domenici “This Time It’s Strictly Business, Uncle Junior”


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