Monday Morning Grab-Bag: Political Depths and Accordion Heights

Let’s play a little catch up this morning with a grab-bag of unrelated things:

  • Over at Duke City Fix, ABQ’s best blogger, Coco, kindly links to a couple of Babble posts from last week as part of her wild recap of ABQ’s City Council races so far. I’m guessing you know that already as DCF traffic is roughly 1.5 billion times that of this blog. Welcome visitors, don’t forget to visit our gift shop.
  • The Paulette de’Pascal/Almeda University thing gets funnier if you check out Almeda’s Wiki entry. The fun goes toward the macabre with a look at Wiki’s “Signpost” column about Almeda trying to buy positive Wiki edits to its very negative Wiki entry. Ronald Reagan was right: facts are stupid things.
  • And yes, I know Rey Garduno has a shoplifting citation from 1988. I kinda wish October 2nd never comes. This ABQ election season just gets funnier and funnier. Here’s hoping District 6 goes to a runoff in order to keep the laughs coming longer. By the way, if anyone knows how to put tildes in Blogger, send me an email/comment.
  • Let’s change the subject from the ridiculous to the sublime. The new Outpost Performance Space season schedule came out and I’m plenty excited about it. Everything from what should be a very strange Jimmie Carl Black & Eugene Chadbourne show to the hyperspeed Balkan music of Yuri Yunakov. Most exciting: accordionist Guy Klucevsek on Saturday, November 10th. Give Guy a shot, folks, you won’t be disappointed.
  • Lastly, speaking of live music, your humble blogger demonstrated once again that he is old, crotchety and boring with his decision to miss the New Pornographers show at the Sunshine. Nora and others at DCF went and evidently had a great time, but this aged Ulysses stayed amongst the barren crags (i.e., I went to Chow’s and had “Volcano Fish”). Reasons: 1. The Sunshine Theater sucks; 2. the latest New Pornographers record is kinda boring, imho; 3. I am worthlessly old, doughy and intractably sedentary. Heck, I didn’t even go to the They Might Be Giants show. The only thing worse than a geek like me is a worthlessly old geek like me.

3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Grab-Bag: Political Depths and Accordion Heights

  1. …there was a TMBG show in Albuquerque? A band that is legendary live? And you willingly missed it?for shame. Or for geez, I guess

  2. Correction: The TMBG show (which is in Santa Fe, not ABQ, which I did know) isn’t until October 7th. My aged sloth is such that I just halfread an email and assumed it was this past weekend.I’m still not going to go, unless I get some mojo in the meantime. As for seeing TMBG live, I do have a Bowery Ballroom NYC show forever stuck, pleasantly, in my mind. Ah, misty colored memories of “Spider”, “Dr. Worm” and “Subliminal”…

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