Who Were The Other Two Finalists?

I admit the question above was my initial response to reading that outgoing APS Superintendent Dr. Beth Everitt beat out two others to get the head job at Aiken County Schools, S.C.. Given any semblance of administrative experience on the part of the other two finalists, just who could Everitt possibly outclass for the job?

So, thanks largely to the Aiken Standard newspaper and an ABQ Journal link, I found out about the two who aren’t getting the job.

Dr. David Mathis

Dr. Frank Roberson oh, and Dr. Roberson has his own web page too.

Both of the newspaper profiles make, in my opinion, interesting reading, especially in a detached I live in APS bizarro land and it’s good to see things are just as screwed up and confusing in other parts of the country sort of way.

They say the grass is always greener in another time zone, and I guess they’d be right. I also guess I wish Dr. Everitt well, even if I wasn’t that impressed with the job she did here in Albuquerque.

Dr. Everitt, I hope your new Titanic floats a little bit longer than the ship you just jumped from. Don’t worry about us, we’ll just be floating out here with the icebergs.


4 thoughts on “Who Were The Other Two Finalists?

  1. I find it interesting that she wants to leave before the end of the school year. I guess there’s no looking back when you’ve seen the promised land a.k.a. Aiken County, SC. Oh, also nice to know that there is a bottom to this heap.

  2. Coincidentally, the “APS Leadership” web page has been down for at least the last two days. The portal link takes you to an APS web design contractor. Makes you wonder if the “interim superintendent” appointment has been a done deal even before today’s special board meeting and the new pictures are ready to post as soon as that meeting is over.

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