Gentlepeople, Start Your Vitriol, Mudslinging and Backstabbing!!!

Folks around the world have all been wondering the same thing: when will Burque Babble officially start to care about the 2008 Presidential Race? In order to stop the incessant calls from Le Monde, Al Jazeera and the Aiken County Standard asking me this question, I now formally announce that I am almost ready to care about it. Caring could begin as early as Saturday, unless I have more laundry than usual, in which case caring will have to be moved back to Sunday.

As some of you may remember, especially if you don’t have many things to remember in your life, I have been a useless proponent of going to a 90-day official election period instead of the 24/7/52/infinity system we have now. My rebellious throwing of an argumentative dirt clod into the ocean on this matter has resulted in zero change. Meanwhile, I have largely missed approximately 2.75 million televised debates, YouTube debates, Manchester Rotary Club forums on C-SPAN and avoided any news concerning the State of Iowa, despite the importance Iowa and its citizens play and have played in my life.

This news moratorium has extended up to now to all Election 2008 races with the exception of the U.S. Senate Primary, and anyone would have to admit that whole deal is a unique situation all around. Plus, it involves Marty Chavez, and…well, I think we’ve said enough about that to last us a while.

The impetus for setting a possible caring start date? Hearing Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani argue. Like the rooster crowing at dawn and Christmas retail commercials appearing on TV in late October, the sound of Republicans sniping at each other over who is more xenophobic can only mean one thing.

Admittedly, I have some catching up to do. Evidently, somebody called Hillary the “B” word, Hillary said something about wearing a highly protective pantsuit, Romney has a full-staff of illegal immigrants working at his castle and every candidate is a fan of both the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox simultaneously.

Still, I get the feeling that catching up with Election 2008 is going to be like seeing a soap opera for the first time in two years…not terribly tough to catch up on. Does Obama hate Hillary? Does Bill just prefer running for things over doing an actual job? Is Mitt’s hair penetrable by anything less than a bunker buster? These plot questions will most likely still be hanging in the air for some time, and I won’t have missed a thing.

So this morning I actually went to, stayed for about 10 seconds until the “total blog election coverage” headlines made me run away. Maybe Carla Aragon should consider moving to JoeMonahan, her experience with “Breaking News”, “First on Four” and “Look at Me!!!!” is perfectly suited for Mr. Monahan’s site.

Then I went to Haussaman and caught up on actual information presented in a way that didn’t make me feel like I was reading a slightly more pornographic version of the NY Post. I caught up on Southern NM politics while also reading about a little commenting brouhaha that surfaced on Haussaman’s site. I plan on spending far too much time at “Haussaman on New Mexico Politics” in the next 11 or so months.

And there will be the other usual suspects like DailyKos, RedState, Rasmussen Reports, and myriad other sites to gaze at for far too long at relationship-straining intensity. But all that can still officially wait until Saturday, or Sunday if the laundry is really piled up.


One thought on “Gentlepeople, Start Your Vitriol, Mudslinging and Backstabbing!!!

  1. This is my radical approach to this race, and as the token Poli-Sci kid in the honors dorm I’ve got people scratching their heads. Here’s the crazy – I’m judging candidates on what they are saying about themselves.Not in debate, not in blurbs, but in the pages on their websites intended for casual browsing. Policy outlines, stated goals, and clean cut objectives straight from the horses mouths.I know, it’s nuts, and living in the media isolation of college is going to do terrible things to me. I might develop informed opinions instead of reactions. Weird.So, welcome aboard SS Election 08 (is that Godwin’s law? maybe). We’re low on life rafts, but I hear balloons are popular.

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