Burque Babble Is Taking A Summer Hiatus

The Goat would just love to eat the pages from an unpublished novel! Yum!

Yep, Burque Babble is taking the Summer off.

I don’t sense any temblors, tsunamis or rifts in the surface of the Earth developing over the above headline/statement. I guess blogs, at least this one, aren’t capable of fundamental reconfiguration of much of anything, when it comes down to it.

That’s not to say blogs aren’t good and wonderful and a keen way to spend some time reading/writing. It’s just that I’d like to take this Summer trying to write something else.

And yeah that something else is a book. A novel about a charter school and educational system gone haywire. Or maybe about baseball. Or both. Let’s keep it flexible.

I’d like to keep things going here at the blog, but I want to throw as much energy into this “book writing” shindig as possible…you never know when you might end up on that oft-envisioned “death bed” and have to say to yourself “hey, I forgot to write that terribly unpopular book I’d planned on”.

Speaking of planning, I do intend to be back here by August, whining and pontificating about the same crap you’ve come to expect as faithful readers. School, schools, politics, newspapers, this damn wind, etc. All the same, no offense is taken if you, dear readers, decide to delete your links to this here blog, take me off your RSS list and whatever other Internet burial methods you might employ.

If I don’t “see” you again, thanks for having stopped by at least once. Perhaps one or two of you might check in from time to time to see if I’ve come to my senses early, and finally figured out once and for all that anything with a word count of 1,500 is beyond me.

Or maybe I’ll have some fat manuscript under my arm, patches on my frayed suit jacket, unkempt hair and a Magritte pipe held jauntily in my mouth as I eagerly shout “I finished it! I finished it!”

Something like that.

Again, thanks for dropping by, and I hope you might find yourself wandering round this particular Internet Tube again come August. Or so.

Happy Summer trails, everyone.


6 thoughts on “Burque Babble Is Taking A Summer Hiatus

  1. A lot of writers use their blogs to motivate themselves– posting short excerpts, word counts, etc. Helps us shame ourselves into doing work.Hint, hint.

  2. In your book, please insure that you include comments about bringing Hayes Mid School into the 20th century by cabling the classrooms for computer use. I watched you do it.

  3. If you can’t do a novel, then write some screenplays and comics so you can AFFORD to do nothing but hang out and write?But, without conflict battering away at our souls, we write dreck usually, right, so you need the stress of the messed up school system AT LEAST until you finish writing the Great New Mexican Novel, just so the pain can be FRESH and your words can be CRISP…

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