Fun With Google and Sitemeter

According to Sitemeter, in straight succession this morning residents of the following cities have run across this humble blog after performing the following searches: Chateau-Tierry, France: searching for “el vado court” Perth, Australia: searching for “lance armstrong tips” Mangaluru, India: searching for “planet where extraterrestrials live on” La Jolla, California: searching for “terri cole seattle… Read More Fun With Google and Sitemeter

Burque Babble Calls Heather Wilson "Frighteningly Irrelevant"

“Heather Calls Obama “Frighteningly Inexperienced”— Bruce Daniels, 7/22/08 Really, soon-to-be-former Representative Wilson? Hmm…what sort of fun can we have with this word in regards to our very own Lame Duck Congressperson? How about: “Heather Wilson: Frighteningly Doomed to B-List Fox News Analyst Hell”? Or… “Heather Wilson: Frighteningly Tied to NippleGate For the Rest of… Read More Burque Babble Calls Heather Wilson "Frighteningly Irrelevant"