Harper’s: David Foster Wallace

Note: I’ll try to pull something together tomorrow morning regarding the aforementioned “District Relations Committee Whateverthehell” meeting that occurred today at my school. Rest assured, it will have almost zero “content”, as the meeting had almost zero impact on my teaching day.

Meanwhile, I see that Harper’s magazine has graciously posted some (all?) of the David Foster Wallace pieces it has printed over the years. The link is in the evil .pdf format, but may I humbly suggest Wallace’s first-person account of the Illinois State Fair, 1994?

And yeah, it’s just about a requirement to be dead before a decent writer can get a mention here at Burque Babble. Or anywhere else.

P.S.: The State Fair piece is also included in the essay collection A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again. One of my favorites…especially now that the guy is dead. See how this “Great Literature” thing works?


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