Almost To the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Finish Line

One more IEP to go for this Semester. One! I can see the bureaucratic end zone now, just becoming visible behind a blur of “Least Restrictive Environments” and pointless signatures.

Hard to write much of a blog when one is writing so many IEPs. There’s the time-consumption element, sure, but even more than that is the writer’s block impact that comes from viewing and creating so much educational boilerplate mumbo-jumbo.

There really should be a new line of fortune cookies produced with random snippets from IEPs alongside the “lucky numbers”. Along the same line, it now strikes me how similar the wording of IEP “goals” and such is similar to the typical astrology forecast.

It also strikes me that I’ve never written about these heinous beasts before. Maybe when the finish line is actually crossed I’ll get around to a few words on the countless words and meaningless process known as “Individualized Educational Plans”.

That said, just typing the consecutive letters I-E-P makes me sleepy. Maybe not such a riveting topic. Now off to yet another less-than-riveting 7:45 a.m. IE zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…snore, snore…


4 thoughts on “Almost To the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Finish Line

  1. Gerald: I admit it. I’m 92% convinced you’re kidding. Make it 93%. Leaving me just exposed enough to think you might be serious. But you can’t be serious. It’s not possible. Still.Brain…exploding…must…know…if….sarcastic…

  2. After being on the receiving end of those IEPs, I am not serious. I remember one of the last ones I had, we checked of goals and ideas from a little pamphlet. The next student after me even chose the same goals.

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