Friendly Folks In Oklahoma Doing Their Best To Make New Mexico Look Smart In Comparison

“One of our targets is to get kids reading on grade level three. So they don’t have as many problems and struggles in their education career beyond third grade, because beyond third grade, you have to be able to read to learn,” said Kathleen Kennedy, Oklahoma City Public Schools Spokesperson.

Kennedy said that the districk has gotten a head start on improving schools by having full-day kindergarten classes, which give kids a jump start on reading. However, a big focus on secondary schools is making sure students are attending class and graduating.
–from “42 Oklahoma Schools on ’09 Needs Improvement List”, KSBI-TV “Family Television”, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

One can only imagine the writer of this TV news story probably “needed improvement” during his/her own high school career.

Not to mention his/her current career.


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