Ten Reasons I Hate The Balloon Fiesta, Repackaged For Blu-ray 2009 Edition

Photo purloined from official “Mass Happiness” ABQ Balloon “Fiesta” website.
Given all the aggravation, I figure they owe us a free photo or two.

Looking back over the past four plus years of this blog thing, I think I’ve only missed pointing out how much I despise the upcoming “Fiesta” once. In 2007, I was evidently too busy complaining about “Columbus Day” and the upcoming City Council elections (remember Joanie Griffin and Paulette de Pascal?) to even mention the damn thing.

But going back to



and the “original gangsta” edition in


there I am making a fool of myself for trying to make a fool of a foolish, yet popular event.

This year, I think I’ll just leave it be.

Of course that might change when the inevitable occurs and the “WHAMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPP” combo sound of gas releasing and flames shooting directly overhead causes my dogs and farm animals to go into their annual panic. Cause you know nothing means “annual celebration” like colorful pastel objects inducing air-borne panic.


Instead of wasting my time and yours this October, I think I’ll use the blogging minutes making some phone calls. Phone calls to bed & breakfasts at least 200 miles from Balloon Fiesta Ground Zero for some reservations sometime in the next two weeks of local Hell.

I hope these places take dogs, cats, horses and goats.

Stay sane “Fiesta” haters out there. Years of experience tell me we’ll most likely survive the 2009 “Fiesta” as well, gritting our teeth all the while.


4 thoughts on “Ten Reasons I Hate The Balloon Fiesta, Repackaged For Blu-ray 2009 Edition

  1. Damn…I was hoping to jump on the "I hate Balloon Fiesta" bandwagon this year. I have always hated the stupid Balloon Fiesta. I have lived here since it started and I could never see the point in getting up at the crack of dawn to watch a bunch of balloons float up in the air. But what sealed my hate was the year I worked there selling film. I wouldn't care if I never saw another balloon in my life–that one week was quite enough fiesta for me. I also hate the way my favorite places get jammed with all these balloon people. Gah. This will be the first year I will be here for the whole fiesta in 11 years. Not looking forward to it.

  2. Aw, c'mon y'all. I have young grandchilren. They love them! Well, they did when they were even younger. No, the truth is, grandma likes seeing them. Sorry, it's true.

  3. No worries. We are supposed to have lots of wind, wind, wind, and some rain.That oughta put a damper on it. Well, except for those Darwin Award winners who go up, anyway.*sigh*

  4. I don't know of any other big event where when a participant is KILLED…they just keep right on going without even looking back. No moment of silence. No let's stop and rethink this. Just keep the money roling in, please!And what other pursuit is accomplished with the help of "volunteer?" It's your hobby, dude, YOU fold up the the envelope and tote the basket, etc.

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