Research Points to Probable Defeat in Valle de Atrisco Vote

A thorough, exacting and quite statistically valid (both internally and externally) observational poll was conducted by bicycle along Isleta Boulevard this morning and afternoon  ranging from the Twisters Restaurant on Lakeview Road to the confluence (aka cluster&%#$) of Isleta Blvd. and Bridge Boulevard.   The following observations can be reported:

  1. Biking to work when it is 18 degrees is cold.  Really damn cold.
  2. Observing people holding signs at the corner of Rio Bravo and Isleta Blvd. when it is 18 degrees and the signs concern an incorporation referendum* that might see a grand total of 900 voters leads researchers to both admire these sign-holders and wonder about the psychological stability of these people.
  3. More directly germane to that referendum*, 12 signs were seen being held by those opposing incorporation, four at Rio Bravo and Isleta, and two at Isleta and Bridge (both morning and afternoon).
  4. Zero signs were seen held by those favoring incorporation.
  5. Furthermore, yard signs opposing incorporation were seen at businesses along Isleta, including the new, and still influential Kathy’s Take-Out restaurant.
  6. The observer was also once again taken aback by the fact that Kathy’s Take Out has gone from what was once a glorified horse barn tack room to a substantial restaurant, albeit one that looks far too much like some cookie-cutter fast food place.
  7. Also, several billboards and similarly large signs opposing incorporation were seen along Isleta, including one festooned with significant glops of graffiti.  “Westside Locos” is evidently quite strenuously against incorporation.  Or perhaps favors incorporation, and is “tagging” the anti-incorporation signs as a political statement of denial and opposition.  More gang research is needed on this point.
  8. Absolutely zero evidence of anybody even remotely favoring incorporation was evident for the length of the area studied, both in the morning and afternoon.  No signs, no billboards, no crazy people standing at street corners in 18 degree weather.


The findings demonstrate beyond a doubt that it is Winter.

Further interpretation of the observations certainly point to the possibility that the South Valley anti-incorporation forces are a relatively well-heeled and organized force, while the pro-incorporation forces are de facto non-existent.

Follow-up discussion with the researcher’s wife confirmed that neither of them have yet to see, now only hours from the vote,  a  sign, mailing, radio ad, TV commercial, email, shortwave broadcast, HAM radio announcement, signal flag notice, Aldus lamp relay, smoke signal, teletype, fax, or morse code transmission favoring incorporation of the South Valley and environs into the “Valle de Atrisco”.


It was considered during this post-research discussion that this could reflect a lack of campaign funds, or, more interestingly, the possibility that pro-incorporation forces are centering their campaign efforts on mental telepathy and Star Trek-era Vulcan Mind Melds.

This latter possibility was discounted, especially as neither the researcher or his wife could recall ever having a pro-incorporation person spread the proponent’s fingers along our faces in a very dramatic, Leonard Nimoy, manner.  Mental telepathy was still considered a possibility, however, and both researcher and wife will conduct a “lucid dream” study tonight to calculate the number of pro-incorporation thoughts and images externally thrust into our REM cycles.  Those findings will be presented at a later time.

*Ninety-eleven years of Political Science classes make it necessary that I get all pedantic here and point out that the Valle de Atrisco vote is not an election, but a referendum.  Elections elect people.  Ideas, measures, etc. are considered via referendums (or “referenda” for the real hard-core types).


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