Seven Bullets In Search of a Theme

A few odds and ends, reflecting the extreme scatter of your humble blogger’s brain at present:

  • It is absolutely ESSENTIAL that Pete Domenici, Jr. continue running for Governor.  His whole “I did cocaine and marijuana” mea culpa was overblown, but I agree with his Primary competitor Allen Weh that saying things like “Actually, I would even include myself in the group that can’t” in response to local irritant Jim Villanucci’s question of just which Republican gubernatorial candidate can beat the Democrats this year is kinda stupid.  As in honest, which we know in politics equals stupid.  And I’m a big fan of stupid, i.e. honest.  Interestingly, in further proof that I could win the Presidency merely by changing my name to “Johnny Carson”, Domenici, Jr. wins a little poll quite handily.  Doug Turner…6%.  Okay, I’ll stop just stealing all of Steve Terrell’s SF New Mexican blogposts now.
  • By the way…thanks New Mexico Legislature for modeling such good “deadline” behavior for my students.  Great to see a body of learned women/men get together to accomplish largely nothing by deadline.  Thanks for nothing.
  • I’m trying to keep a count of how APS middle schools respond to the offer of “pilot” schedules by the District.  So far I’ve heard only official confirmation of two NO votes, but hear talk of some YES votes.  I’m keen to hear, and even more keen to hear which of the two lousy alternative “pilots” are being chosen.  Please email me with how things go at your middle school, if pertinent..or just start a blog and we can all follow each other in a total mid-school nerdfest.
  • The latest odds at Sports Interaction have the chances of an APS “snow day” tomorrow at 8-to-1, with a two-hour delay coming in at 9-to-2.  And yes, I really wish online betshops took bets on such things.  Personally, I wouldn’t touch either wager, as I’m thinking we’re setup for the classic “it’s too windy to snow in town” thing.  As the latest forecast says…“North winds 10 to 20 mph increasing to northeast 15 to 25 mph after midnight. Gusts up to 35 mph.”
  • Also, as I’m sure is quite obvious, I really hope I’m wrong and that snow falls in such abundance tonight that I’m unable to open the back door to my house because of the 7-foot drifts.  Not for the “snow day”, which our class schedule really can’t handle at this point, but because that would mean we have 7-foot snow drifts in the South Valley, and you never want to pass up a chance for that.
  • Had the chance to see a couple of rounds from this year’s regional high school Mock Trial competition, and once again was reminded that hope for personkind is not necessarily lost.  As mentioned before, seeing these kids in action is intellectually breathtaking and fun as Hell.  If you ever get a chance to go, please do check it out.
  • And lastly….after enough gnashing of teeth, angst and planning to invade a mid-size nuclear power, your humble blogger has decided his summer bike tour will be…wait for it…the “Great Divide Mountain Bike Route”.  Of all the routes I’ve obsessed over in recent years, it’s the one I keep coming back to.  Must be the innate masochism.  Now that I’m committed to crazy, I have an ad up trying to find equally crazy people to come along.    C’mon folks!  It’s only 2,500 miles with 200,000 or so feet of elevation change!  Piece of cake!

Did I mention the grizzly bears yet?  Have a good day watching the 7-foot drifts forming everyone.


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