The Friday Distraction, 4.9.10

Despite mentioning the other day that I would never upload a YouTube myself, I am very thankful that tons of people think nothing of spending hours and hours and days and more hours doing so.  Especially the jazzers with their old B&W footage from the days in which jazz was actually ON THE TELEVISION.

Case in point.  Here’s a young 1958 Lee Morgan playing trumpet with the Jazz Messengers on “I Remember Clifford”, the Clifford in question being recently deceased trumpeter Clifford Brown.  That’s Bobby Timmons on the very nice piano.  Thank you YouTube user “sukapura” for this and the other 99 videos you’ve uploaded.

Have a good weekend everybody…


One thought on “The Friday Distraction, 4.9.10

  1. Yum! That’s when jazz was fun and fulsome. The musicians all looked serious about their business, but often had humorous sides that few recognized. And they didn’t wear denim and sport shirts to perform in public. Oh how I miss the days of Shearing, Kessel, John Lewis, Brubeck, Teagarden, Norvo and a gang of others who “done good.”
    Thanks for the clip. More would be appreciated from this sideof your blog.

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