The Friday Distraction 4.17.10: New Bike Route

Too many IEPs, staff meetings and papers to grade this week for any real bloggin’.  The nation mourns this fact, doubtlessly.

And another IEP this  morning (only three to go this school year!), so not much in the way of anything today, either.  Just a few words and a Google Map on what I’ve been distracting myself with amid the work overload.

I’m still a fair newbie at embedding Google Maps, but if you can connect the letter bubbles above you get an idea of my heavily revised route for “Bike Tour 2010:  It’s a Humid Heat” coming up in June/July.

For millions of reasons that are even more boring than the embedded map, I’ve eschewed the totality of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route for a strange combination of Adventure Cycling Association Route pieces (Great Rivers, TransAmerica, Great Divide) which form a 2,400 or so mile giant avoidance of the State of Texas, now that I look at it.

New Orleans food, the Natchez Trace, Deep South arcana, my Mom’s Branson, MO of weirdness, Kansas in all its uber-flatness, and a few hundred miles of Rocky Mountain dirt roads.  It should be an adventure.

Enjoy the adventure of your weekend, everybody.


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