The Friday Distraction 5.7.10: The Gourds Done Stole My Thursday Night

It’s been another week of distractions for your humble blogger, who pines for Summer Vacation only in that it will allow him to pester the Internets and his dear readers with countless vapid blogposts.  For now, only intermittent vapid blogposts are possible.

And today’s is a slightly altered visual regurgitation of how I spent my extremely mini Summer Vacation last night up at the Santa Fe Brewing Company.  The Gourds opened up for Toots and the Maytals, and while I must admit I don’t really give much of a Toot for the Maytals (sorry, my reggae period ended some time back), it was great to see the Gourds.  One of my favorites outfits.

Here’s a very recent performance by them at the “Rhythm Room” in Phoenix, which is extremely similar to my experience last night, except it wasn’t Phoenix, they didn’t play this song (I don’t think), the banjo guy didn’t play the banjo (only violin and mandolin that I saw), and I had a view of the Sangre de Cristos instead of just a large banner reading “Rhythm Room”.   Other than that….

Have a good weekend, everybody.  And for you APS teachers in the audience…my very last day of “duty” is today.  15 days and counting after what should be the usual Friday craziness.  I think we can make it.  I think we’re gonna make it.  I think I sound like a Captain & Tennille song.  Or maybe Carly Simon.


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