What Did I Miss?

I have no mental record of it, but the never-to-be-doubted Internet appears to show that I’ve been away from the planet for two weeks.  I’ve thought and thought, and all I can remember is something about finding and then looking down a rabbit hole sometime in early May.

Then I got nothing.  In the meantime, I missed an election in the U.K., Inter Milan won the Champions’ League Final, somebody named after both a lousy politician and lousy soap-opera novelist/philosopher won some sort of election in Kentucky, and everybody lost their job with APS only for most of them to get their jobs back somehow.

Oh, and lots and lots and lots of oil continued to gush out of a big hole at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, but nobody really seemed to think it important enough to really do anything about it.

Come to think of it, I haven’t really missed much.

For instance, as was true before I went missing down that rabbit hole, it continues to really be “all about the children”.  I read this morning in the Journal that, for the 4 million, 935 thousand and 57th time, a group of outraged parents has collected petitions calling for the Albuquerque West Side to become its own school district.  As the Journal story begins…

It’s not about politics; it’s all about the kids, a handful of parents said during a news conference Sunday pushing for creation of a new school district on Albuquerque’s West Side.
“The bottom line is that this is not a political issue for us,” parent Esther Rivera said. “It is a personal issue about the education and the future of our children.”

Yup, same world I remember back from early May.  A world in which anyone who says “it’s not about politics” means it’s all about politics.  A world in which the phrase “it’s all about the kids” means anything the speaker wants it to.  Hmm…maybe I’m still in that rabbit hole.  Maybe I never left.

Thoughts of leaving, however, make me turn to thoughts of the end of the school year.  No, that’s not entirely true.  What’s true is that ANYTHING makes me (and every other teacher/student in the world) think about the end of the school year, which for us in APS (at least most of us) is now only five school days away.


Believe me, I’m not gloating.  Trust me, I’m not bopping around the house with an irritating smile on my face repeatedly telling my non-teaching spouse that I’m on Summer Vacation as of Friday.  In no way whatsoever am I pointing out to her over and over and over again that I will be off work for 76 days while she will be forced to continue working throughout, except for a lousy 10 day stretch.

10 days.  Pshaw.  10 days isn’t a vacation, it’s a lunch break.  10 days is a trip to the employee vending machine.  76 days baby.  Count ’em.

I apologize to all non-teachers for the actions of myself and my teaching colleagues over the next few days.  We really aren’t always as insufferable as we will be these next few days.  Really.

P.S.: Dear Non-Teachers…well at least I’m not using that “we teachers deserve it because we have to put up with students and APS for 180 or so days” card.  You know, the whole “martyr thing” burnout teachers employ to elicit sympathy for the fact we get 76 days and most people get 10, if they’re lucky.  No, I’m above that.

Instead I’m the kind of guy who says things like “Did you know that I’m off work for 76 of the next 81 days”.  So much more mature, empathetic and thoughtful.  Doncha think?


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