Back From Bike Tour, 2010

Howdy folks.

After 40 hours of train/bus, it took a day or so to decompress back to ABQ living.  Now, after being in the terrarium that is the Deep South, my nose is nice and dried out here in Burque.  Check.  Almost used to the ultra-bright sunshine.  Check.  Plenty of time spent standing in the cool late evening breeze.  Glorious check.

I could live in the South during the day, it’s the 82 degree/82% humidity nights that would get me.

Anyway, no giant treatise.  My hands are still buzzing a bit too much from caressing handlebars for 900 miles right now.  I can only peck out a key here and there for now.  Most of that pecking is being spent putting together my little tour journal over at CrazyGuyOnABike.  Those interested can check out how things went there.  Far from complete, but it’s getting there.

And as I catch up with ABQ news, I see this morning that the more Scot leaves the more things stay the same.  APS explaining why interactive whiteboards won’t make it into classrooms ever for a while.  ABQ losing another “bet” on a company that up and went somewhere else.

It’s good to be home.


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