The Friday Diversion 7.9.10: Atomic Duo

15 others and myself (it was easy to count) saw ex-Bad Livers Mark Rubin and a pretty amazing youngster named Silas Lowe play at Low Spirits last night.  It was a real shame that only 16 people got to see this show, and I’m tempted to get into that self-righteous “where the Hell were you at?” mode.  But I won’t, because I realize not everyone is a seasonally unemployed schoolteacher who can stay out until one in the morning on a Thursday night.

The name of the group is “Fat Man and Little Boy:  The Atomic Duo”, which is a wordy, but pretty damn good name.  The music is better than the name, and here’s their MySpace page.  I can’t recall the last time I visited and/or linked to a MySpace page.  These gentlemen are worthy of such a visit/link.  Combining a high level of musicianship with an endearing “two really smart guys who might be high” banter,  FMaLBAD played a bunch of Delta blues, string band, bluegrass and originals in the vein of all of the above.

It was a real good show.  Such a good show that one of the 16 in attendance threw a bunch of money on the stage, while the two players looked on sheepishly/a bit stunned.  If you run across them in any form, live/digital, etc., please take advantage.

Here they are doing “Turpentine Farm”.  Yes they introduce every song in the hyper-speed banter evidenced here.

Have a good weekend, everybody.  And for my teacher friends..yes, it’s the weekend now.  I know you’ve lost track of the days of the week by now.


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