Friday Distraction 7.17.10: Grant Green and Guitar Friends

Friday Distraction, Early Edition (Got an early bike ride tomorrow):

I tend to go back and forth between jazz guitar and jazz Hammond B-3 phases, and right now the guitar is winning.  Here’s, from what I understand from doing a bit of research, Grant Green along with Barney Kessel (definitely) and Kenny Burrell (it is alleged) performing “Blue Mist” on BBC in Fall, 1969.

The show was part of a “Jazz Expo” in London at the Hammersmith Odeon, and featured a ridiculous number of jazz greats over a two week period.   To my mind, anything that features Grant Green is an excellent idea.  For those who wish to pare the above guitargasm down to the Green essentials, here’s his tastiest solo excerpted…

Love the jacket, absolutely love the tie…and, oh yeah, the guitar playing ain’t bad either.  A true triple cool threat there, no doubt about it.

Have a good weekend everybody.


3 thoughts on “Friday Distraction 7.17.10: Grant Green and Guitar Friends

  1. Burrell, Kessel and Green were appearing at the Hammersmith Oden in the Jazz Expo but this footage is from Ronnie Scott’s during the same couple of weeks in 1969. There is an album recorded in Berlin featuring Hall and Kessel but Burrell was out and Baden Powell was in. Elmer Snowdon also appeared on Banjo.

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