Charter Schools Suck. No, They Don’t. Yes, They Do.

An equally short form description to the title above hit the newspaper a few days ago*, but the report compiled for the NM Legislative Finance Committee on the subject of charter schools really deserves a full reading.  As does the rebuttal from “Designate” Education Secretary Dr. Susanna Murphy placed at the end of the .pdf report.

While not everybody has time to read 65 pages of fairly dense prose and statistics, I’d REALLY much prefer every teacher in the state be required to read and digest this rather than attend the inevitable day-long “training” that will somehow be associated with the start of another school year.

Maybe instead of placing little blue sticky dots on our “Parking Lot” (actually a bunch of yellow construction paper with ill-defined Greek symbols on it) taped up in the Library, an all-day staff meeting could be held in which every single employee had read the report/rebuttal and was ready to calmly, rationally discuss the points raised.

And then we could all ride unicorns over a magic rainbow into the land of ever-flowing Skittles.

But seriously, oh reader of this antiquated, ill-formed blog, read the report.  It’s worth it.  Call me when you’re done and we’ll form a discussion group and meet at the Frontier to talk it over.

I’ll bring the unicorns.

*Note:  I believe the headline was “Charter Schools Slammed”.  I like my title/headline better.


5 thoughts on “Charter Schools Suck. No, They Don’t. Yes, They Do.

  1. charter schools are publically funded yet privately managed, there is a high incidence of fraud and embezzlement attached to many Charter schools throughout the USA. It is only as good as the honesty, integrity and AGENDA of the management company. The Gulen movement, headed by Islamic Imman Fethullah Gulen manages over 120+ US Charter schols in the USA.
    1) these schools are under a network of Gulen foundations and institutes, they sponsor all the contests and events the Gulen schools win awards at: Math Counts, Science Olympiad and Turkish Olympiad.
    2) the schools hire un credentialed teachers form Turkey under HB-1 Visas, and advertise them as “Turkish Scholars” the principals are always male and Turkish. The children are taught Turkish Language and perform the Turkish National Anthem, dancing, singing at the Turkish Olympiads and are flown to Turkey to perform. While waving the Islamic Flag of Turkey.
    3) The Gulen Schools have mismanaged funds some have closed some are on probation, they launder money from foundation to foundation over state lines or pay a Turkish business to complete “construction or consultation” work for the schools, money in and out -vertical and horizontal. Dove Science Academy in Tulsa, OK -had a rape on campus in the girls restroom Beehive Science Academy in UT- had a chronic mismanagement issue over $53,000 on HB-1 Visas Chesapeake Science Academy in MD- closed had a Turkish male principal who was sexist, had to be escorted off campus by the police. Coral Science Academy in NV- had an attempted kidnapping on campus And the list continues……DO YOUR RESEARCH ON THE GULEN MOVEMENT AND HOW THEY USE RELIGION AND POLITICS TO FURTHER THE AGENDA OF THE REPUBLIC OF TURKEY.

  2. Colleen: I appreciate the fire of your vitriol, and will leave your comment up for a bit, but your anti-Islamism, xenophobia and such dilute the power of your vitriol. If you have time to read the linked report, you’ll see some of the same shenanigans (not exactly the same, it need be said) noted happening in New Mexico charter schools.

    Of course, many (and in some cases exactly the same) such cases can be found in any research of non-charter public schools, or private schools, or religious private schools…

    I’ve come across attacks on Gulen schools in previous research, and appreciate the watchdog element…that appreciation drops significantly when I read things like “…how they use religion and politics to further the agenda of the republic of Turkey.” Especially in all-caps.

    I have no real opinion on the Gulen movement (although I don’t see where cornering the market on wins in Math Counts is a bad thing), but thinly veiling xenophobia under some sort of “think of the kids” paranoia disturbs me.

  3. I am a REAL teacher, I took a sub jobs in a few nationally recognized charter schools here in Phoenix. I quit after 4 days. I learned enough about that never to go back.

    I took some limited video, and I’m thinking of doing an article for a magazine. I write – I had enough in 4 days to fill an entire book.

    I also worked as a paralegal in corporate fraud, so I know the earmarks. Red flags were going up all over the place. If they were ever audited, there would be somebody keeping a double set of bookkeeping records.

    They were going out to a school supply warehouse, and decorating the place with glitzy posters, and then threatening and screaming at the kids, behind the parent’s back. No child can learn in this type of environment. I did have a lot of kids that I wanted to send a note home “get your kid out of this school”.

    These people are ghouls, and no child should ever be stuck in a school like this. My email is – and yes, if anybody wants to form a group, I’ll be happy to help.

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