Standardized Testing and New York: Vituperative Paradise

Sometimes we get lonely.  And sometime that loneliness is centered on the Internet  And no, this post isn’t what you think it’s about.

As we all wait with fragrantly baited/bated breath for the New Mexico “Standards-Based Assessment” scores to come out today…oh…wait you mean you aren’t suffering from breathing problems from the sheer excitement of these impending scores?  You mean to tell me, your humble blogger, that Burque Babble is the only place that gives a rodent’s hindquarters about these tests?

Loneliness erupts.  I feel like a Trekkie dressed up as Lt. Uhura, right down to the helmet hair I spent at least 20 hours on, wandering the New Mexico deserts in search of a Star Trek convention.  Here is me, in my costume, wandering the New Mexico desert…

if our deserts were cheap, highly 2-D painted set canvases.  I don’t know what I’m holding in my hands there, but I DO know how to use it.

Anyway, let’s get back to loneliness.

I have a cure to my loneliness, New Mexico. For when I’m down and troubled and need a helping hand, I turn to New York State.

Why the ultra-cold “Empire State”, as it is called?  Because when their test scores come out, and the state Education Department kinda arbitrarily raises the “cut score” to determine “proficiency” leaving proficiency rates dramatically lower than in previous years, every newspaper in the state and 50,000 bloggers write 50,000,000 words about it.

It’s like edu-nerdy Nirvana.  It’s like a gay cruise of edu-wonkiness.  New York is my twisted ideal of what the Internet should be.  Tons and tons of prose.  Teeth-gnashing, finger-pointing, outrage pouring prose.  Not 140 character “I’m mad as Hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore” twitters, but full-on TOMES of electronic vehemence.

It’s so cool.

I could link to so, so much, but just for starters (a “taste” is what I believe the drug dealers call it) how about a post recapping some of the NY newspaper responses from a blog entitled “The Neighborhood Retail Alliance”?  And that’s just one blogpost from one entity that has nothing directly to do with K-12 education whatsoever.   There are electronic tons of that even before you get into the plethora of actual K-12 education blogs in New York.  Google things like “Gotham” and you’ll see what I mean.  Better yet, set up a Google Alert for “standardized testing”.  The output of bile is truly amazing.

It is both comforting and a little discomforting to think that in NY Burque Babble would be like one of the  million bodegas along the average block in Manhattan.  Each of us with our overpriced fruit and vegetables along the sidewalk, each of us with the same Gerber daisies invitingly lining the walkway to the store.

But I would be a little different.  What with me in that Lt. Uhura costume and all.

P.S.: More later, I suppose, on the NM scores as they are released today.  I mean if you care and all.  You do care, right?  Okay, don’t answer that question.


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