Ms. Chalberg-Hale, Meet Undercarriage of Bus

Chalberg-Hale, whom he appointed from Washington Middle School in the spring, should not have tried to change the schedules a month before school started or without support from the district, Brooks said, adding “she hasn’t recently been a high school principal.”–Andrea Schoellkopf, Albuquerque Journal, 8.24.10

Fellow practitioners of K-12 teaching can only imagine the professional horrors in evidence at Rio Grande HS the last few days.  Something between the “Hey soldier, do you know who’s in command here?” line and response in “Apocalypse Now”, and any scene from “Shakes the Clown”.  Part of me wishes I could have walked the halls during the height of the madness, looking for Idi Amin, who must have surely been hanging out near the cafeteria with Pol Pot and Richard Nixon.

Oh well.

Two  quick observations:

  • It was reported that “Chalberg-Hale said she did not want to respond to Brooks’ comments” about her being an incompetent loser who was a poopy-head for trying to change all the student schedules at the last minute.  Perhaps we can guess as to what Ms. Chalberg-Hale’s response actually is.  Perhaps it is along the lines of that Sky Blue airline steward involving two beers, an obscene gesture and a bright yellow emergency slide.  It is too bad K-12 personnel don’t have immediate access to a bright yellow emergency slide. It would most likely be a very crowded slide, very often.
  • It occurred to me while reading the story that Winston Brooks has been Superintendent since July 1, 2008, a tad over two years now.  As the average big district superintendent lasts right at 2.75 years before going insane, leaving for another job, or both, maybe this is Mr. Brooks last year here at APS.  I can’t help but think that the situation at Rio Grande might help to make our Superintendent at least a bit more likely to retire, or enter a sanitarium.  Or both.

One thought on “Ms. Chalberg-Hale, Meet Undercarriage of Bus

  1. According to the media reports, 20 extra school counselors have been sent in to help with the scheduling mess. Where does APS get a spare 20 counselors? Do they sit in a secret room waiting for a crisis? They can leave their regular jobs and not be missed? Maybe this is a place to cut when the next budget ax falls.

    Are you taking bets, Scot, on how long both Brooks and Chalberg-Hale are in their current positiions?

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