Time To Burn Down the Libraries

I am what’s known in consumer technology lingo as a “late adopter”.  Still have no cell phone, a non-HDTV, delayed getting a cable/VOIP to replace my land line for years, never spent a dime on any product starting with the letter “I” (e.g., IPad).

My Kindle came in the UPS yesterday.

Might as well just pile those hard-copy books up right now.  The heat they generate as they burn will feel so good during these cold pre-Winter days.  I’ll bring marshmallows and my Kindle 3G. We can also sell live feeds of library implosions pay-per-view to raise money needed to buy those too unfortunate to pay for their own Kindle.  Boom goes London, boom Paree…


Purported Literature/Writing Teacher


3 thoughts on “Time To Burn Down the Libraries

    1. Burn him! Burn!!!11!!!

      P.S.: This blog could really use a copy editor…I had “I an what’s known…” stuck here for several hours this morning. In addition to a copy editor, I need a new bifocals prescription.

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