For the Snow Dworkerds Out There

Proving again that I am months behind the cultural curve, I have just discovered that the NMDOT has road webcams!  Very cool watching as our four minute snowstorm blew through town this morning.

Perhaps you do not construe such information as “cultural”…then again, you might not be a snow geek.  Or snow dork.  Or snow nerd.  Those terms are always hard to keep track of.


Pre-New Year’s Bloggo Resolution: Shorter, more frequent posts.  Same same low, low level of insight and information…but available much more often!



One thought on “For the Snow Dworkerds Out There

  1. Blizzard at my house.

    Story below is certainly worthy of a post–teachers really do need raises…

    Police arrest 15 in electronic heist
    Posted at: 12/30/2010 10:19 AM | Updated at: 12/30/2010 10:50 AM
    By: Magdalena Sharpe,

    Albuquerque police arrested 15 people, including six APS employees, Thursday morning in what is considered to be one of the city’s largest electronic heists to date.

    Police say they have arrested four APS teachers from Del Norte and Albuquerque High Schools, two APS janitors, two ABF employees and five others for stealing an ABF semi-truck hauling two trailers full of merchandise, including dozens of flat screen televisions, valued at over $400,000.

    Authorities say the truck was stolen from an ABF yard near I-25 and Lincoln on December 6th. The truck was later found ditched in a field at a ranch in Valencia County.

    Adrian Limas was also arrested on December 13th. According to the criminal complaint Limas attempted to sell several of the stolen televisions on Craigslist.

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