El Camino Unreal

Every school day I start my ride or drive from the deep South Valley up Isleta past two schools: Harrison MS and El Camino Real Academy. It is a rather forlorn ride/drive, watching the faces of early arriving teachers as they turn down the street to Harrison or leave their cars in the El Camino parking lot.

Tough schools, one a straight public school that nobody I know will work at, and the other a strange charter I’ve only heard strange things about. I don’t really know much about either, other than the look on those teacher faces at 7:00/7:30 a.m, just before starting another day.


Now El Camino has another face wrinkle of grimness to contend with…the possibility of forced closure (reg. req.). I’m not looking forward to seeing those faces again come this week as I ride/drive my escape from SV to the land of relative academic milk and educational honey.


P.S.:  Yes, a look at El Camino’s SBA scores is not pretty, either.  You’d almost think they have to work pretty hard to have 12 out of 213 students test “proficient”.  You also have to wonder if APS isn’t better off having these kids at El Camino than down the street at Harrison.  A sinking boat raises the tide, or something like that.



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