The Snow/Cold/Bus/Gas Day Torture Never Stops

Update II:  And then we all found out what we already knew.  Nobody gives a rat’s ass about “Student-Led Conferences”, or what Winston Brooks thinks when snow make-up days should or should not be.  It’s all just arranging the hours of the babysitting in a way that inconveniences folks least.

More later, but I believe I will take my leave of matters professional/educational for 36 hours of so, perhaps immersing myself in a Stan Brakhage marathon or the collected works of Basic Marceaux.  You know, something that makes sense in this senseless world.

Update: The drivel below was composed last night (Wednesday), as the APS School Board was having “discussion” on what to do about the Make-Up Days.  An actual decision is expected tomorrow evening (Friday), about 133 hours before the first Spring Student-Led Conference is scheduled to start at my school.

The results for the overly aforementioned “APS Snow Days Make-Up Survey” are in….here’s the execrable summary (and yes, I mean “execrable” instead of  “executive”) and here’s the full report.

Now these highly scientific and profound findings go to the APS School Board.

For the love of toasters.

If individual staffs ran their schools like this, the buildings wouldn’t be standing at this point.  If we taught our classrooms like this…hell, maybe by now most teachers do run their classrooms like this.

In other news, F. D. Roosevelt reports he’s leaning toward declaring war on Japan, but needs to conduct a survey first, and present the findings to his condo board for final approval.

Jesus H. Christ on a crutch.  For the love of stinkin’ toasters.

A bureaucratic hallucinogenic scene like this demands hallucinations. As the condo school board “deciderates” on this issue tonight, let’s tune out listening to Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa lead a group through a very trippy version of “The Torture Never Stops”, while an equally trippy video compilation unwinds.

Nope…still not nearly trippy enough. Not even close to the hallucinogenic power of Albuquerque Public Schools.  APS makes Captain Beefheart look like a #$&*@%^ chartered accountant.

For the love of toasters.

P.S.: I was telling everyone at school today, students included, that if the District bails on the upcoming “Student-Led Conferences” that it would be single funniest thing I have experienced in 17 years of APS and environs work.  And I meant funny.  You know, funny… like the jokes Dennis Hopper tells in “Blue Velvet”.  ” Heineken!?!”

Yeah, we’re in David Lynch territory here now folks.  We’re all the way to that kind of crazy.


3 thoughts on “The Snow/Cold/Bus/Gas Day Torture Never Stops

  1. Yeah. . .we’re a week out from the student-led conferences and a decision has yet to be made. . .

    My vote would be to SUBTRACT 30 minutes from each school day. Duh.

  2. I could have sworn that the school board already voted on when snow days should be made up, a year or so ago when the 2010-2011 calendar was approved. But what do I know?

  3. You’re missing the lesson here, so to speak.

    It’s important that students learn the mental flexibility necessary for coping with the complexities of modern life. They need to remember that not only is Oceania our ally in the struggle against Eastasia, we have always supported Eastasia against Oceania. In other words, not only did the pilgrims come to these shores to be free of religious persecution, we’ve always been a Protestant Christian nation and the government must support that tradition against the threat of the infidel and heretic.

    So, of course, APS never said that these conferences were important.

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