Grading the Albuquerque Journal SBA Report

This morning the hard-hitting, invariably precise local paper of record published its now annual SBA scores by elementary school teacher classroom.  But does the Journal’s information and analysis itself “meet proficiency”?

To find that out, let’s use a spiffy table comparing the Journal’s work with the acknowledged ne plus ultra (i.e. “proficient” and/or “slightly meaningful”) when it comes to such analysis, the Los Angeles Times.

Los Angeles Times Albuquerque Journal
  • Uses “Value Added” measuring
  • Has simple list of precentages
  • Six years of data averaged
  • Single year of numbers
  • Has elaborate “FAQ” explaining research
  • Has broken link to “story giving context to the data”
  • Has data research team led by Rand Corporation senior economist
  • Has pile of numbers provided by notoriously inaccurate Public Education Department
  • Includes formal explanatory report by Rand senior economist
  • Inexplicably includes links to stories from previous years on various education subjects, most having nothing to do with subject
  • Offers numerous caveats and noted weaknesses of using such research in making teacher evaluations
  • Offers pile o’ numbers without even explaining what “nearing proficiency” means
  • Includes easy search feature along with lists of 100 top teachers and schools
  • Includes state-of-the-1998-art SCRIBD scanned document in alphabetical order by school
  • Has entire series of stories/analysis in Spanish
  • Has nothing in Spanish and damn little in anything approaching English
  • Includes full explanation as to why only 3rd to 5th grade teachers were included
  • Includes zero explanation as to why only elementary schools are included

After some in-depth, serious consideration of the information above, Burque Babble has compiled it’s own visual report grading the Albuquerque Journal’s work. That grade is:


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