They Paved Paradise and Put Up Yet Another Instructional Coach

So, near as I can tell, my school is going to lose a Science teacher next year while still replacing our soon-to-retire Instructional Coach.

No snark or satire needed here.  That is just plain messed up.  

It’s wrong-headed for so many reasons.  If I start listing those reasons, nothing good can come from the exercise.  All that will happen is that I’ll have a list of about 47 bullets, many won’t make any sense to a non-teacher type humanoid because they will involve massive numbers of acronyms, and I’ll just get more mad about it.

So consider it a combined courtesy and anger management strategy when I simply say:  That is just plain messed up.

P.S.:  Tonight, my school is holding its “Pride Night”.  A little tough to have much in the way of pride with decisions like this going on.

P.P.S.:  And because this might be my only chance, ever, to even tangentially connect what is probably my favorite press conference OF ALL TIME to a post/subject, here’s Allen Iverson.  Just replace the word “practice” with “Instructional Coach”.


5 thoughts on “They Paved Paradise and Put Up Yet Another Instructional Coach

  1. Instructional coach vs. science teacher???? And IC wins?? Oh, lordy, lordy, lordy, when is common sense returning to our schools systems?

  2. It’s not that simple. Instructional coaches are not part of an individual school’s budget. They are paid by federal Title VI funds (professional development). That said, I still think it is a shame that schools have no say in how such funds are allotted. I am an instructional coach in name only. In reality, I am the testing coordinator, data manager, lunch duty teacher, RTI scheduler and dreaded PLC facilitator. We didn’t have a counselor for four months so I added that duty as well. I feel so greatly for our teachers and try to give them the best support I can. I get insane directives from above and try to figure them out first before inflicting them on the staff. When I can, I handle the paperwork burdens for them. Not all instructional coaches are seen as dispensable by their fellow teachers or perhaps I am deluding myself…

  3. Ms. Campbell: Thanks for dropping by. I apologize for not correctly relating the funding angle here, although back in 2011, when written, the “either Science position or I.C.” was how things were phrased by our Admin. about it. I can’t help but think we would have been helped by having you on-board to pass along such knowledge way back when in ’11. That does seem eons ago. Thanks again…

  4. I just discovered your blog and I hope that I have your permission to share your writings with our plc’s. They seem to trust me to bring them current, relevant, and common sense educational articles.

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