Guess They’re Paid By the Press Release

Edit  8.5.11:  APS posted a press release on the following subject this morning.  Yes it’s about five days too late, and yes the idea of “press release” is that the press will then report on whatever it is one is “releasing” information about…but there ya go.  Perhaps the next APS release will have information on it about graduation from last May, or its Merit Scholars from 2004.

Busy getting some last minute miles in on the bicycle before the only miles I see are between home and school, home and school, home and school X 180.  I have noticed, nevertheless, that the APS webpage hasn’t posted a single thing about the new teacher contract.

Nothing.  The latest “news” from the District is that the phones were down at McKinley Middle School…three days ago.

Not only that, but stories on the new contract at KOB and the Albuquerque Journal conspicuously lack any quotes from anybody from APS.  No canned little statements about “District and its staff working together in these difficult economic times”.  No…nothing.

But the phones were down at McKinley Middle School the other day.  That’s worth noting.

What are we to make of this silence by the District?  Well, we could be hopeful and that, as a cost-saving move, every APS Twin Tower phone, computer, teletype, telegraph and Morse code device has been removed and sold at public auction.  If so, I hope the Brad Allison email machine got top dollar.  Unfortunately, the more likely reason for the silence is that the level of hostility between the District and its workers is such now that APS would just rather not recognize our existence. You know, kinda like Iran treats Israel, or Israel a Palestinian homeland.

Fostering the faux public smile and peppy press release was just going to take too much energy.  Why be fake when you’re better off just setting your employees to “ignore”?

The silence speaks volumes more, anyway.

Needless to say, it’s inspiring managerial silence like this that really makes for an inviting start to a school year.  I can hardly wait.


2 thoughts on “Guess They’re Paid By the Press Release

  1. Maybe the silence has to do with the guilt that Winnie got a $30,000.00 raise. As far as I know the take home cars are still running, and schools have to do more with less. But these cutbacks are not touching the classrooms right?

  2. There is now a link on the APS web site, Aug. 6th. I really think they should highlight the provision that teachers are now, per the contract, to be provided a computer with an internet connection.

    APS and the union have now moved into the last part of the 20th century!

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