He Who Controls the Test, Controls the Educational Universe

Hi teacher friends.  Yes, we had to wake up BEFORE IT WAS LIGHT OUTSIDE this morning.  And yes, after 2.5 months of seasonal unemployment, we had no idea when the bright object in the sky would cover the land in sunlight.  But 27 cups of coffee later we’re ready for “professional development”.  Right?  We’re ready for “what did you do this Summer?” and other uncomfortable professional interactions.

Meanwhile in the equally fake world of “standardized tests”, news that Arne Duncan has waived the magic test waiver wand (MTWW) has led an organization called the Campaign for High School Equity to respond with a press release urging Arne and the Feds “to protect our nation’s children by enforcing strong oversight” in granting magic waivers.  The group is concerned, rightly, that States will use waivers as an excuse to avoid funding programs designed to best help students of color.

At the same time, it’s telling that the “campaign” also puts the following in its press release:

CHSE is deeply concerned that the waiver program, as outlined by the U.S. Department of Education, would result in each state creating its own rules for holding schools accountable for student achievement, thus masking the grave shortcomings of ineffective schools.

Dear “Campaign” Folks:  The States already create their “own rules”.  They oversee the tests, cut scores, etc.  They always have.  Federal control has always been illusory to a large extent.  Some States have just played this “home field advantage” smarter than others.  I will refrain from making any jokes about New Mexico at this time.

But alack!  The round bright object in the sky has appeared!  Time to madly run around remembering things like ironing in preparation for “what did you do this Summer?”.

I didn’t ************** iron, I can tell ya that.  Enjoy your “professional development” teacher folks.


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