Inevitable Testing News: Lights, Camera, Roll Film, Action!

It’s starting everyone!  Ideas and policy changes to stop cheating on standardized testing!  Whoo-hoo!  Woot!

In beautiful (and I’ve been there) Madison Parish, Louisiana, a bunch of teacher folks got caught changing a ton of wrong answers to right ones.  Interim Superintendent Donald Frazier and the Madison Parish Schools came up with the following plan:

“From the time a teacher receives the test until they turn it back into the building’s test coordinator, they will be under video surveillance,” he said.

Both Madison Middle School and Madison High School already have cameras in the classrooms and in the hallways. Although the cameras were operational during the testing period in question, Frazier said that because of the length of time elapsed before the discovery of the irregularities, the video was no longer available.

“It was a matter of timing,” he said. “If this is approved, we will review the video from the testing rooms on a daily basis.”

I’ll pause while everyone considers this idea for a moment.

Perhaps during that moment you pondering thus:   Let’s see…average middle school has 50 teachers administering the test, about 4-5 hours between picking up the test and taking it back to the “testing center”…that’s about, around…200 hours of video to watch every testing day.  Six days of testing…1200 hours of video. Of course that’s with one camera per room, and can one camera really get to all the nook/cranny action is the typical classroom?  Might need two cameras in some..which will drive the total hours of video up quite a bit.

A few other observations (get it, observations?):

  • If I take the box o’ tests to the bathroom, am I getting videotaped in the bathroom…or can it be reasonably assumed that I must be cheating because I took the box into the bathroom?
  • Now Madison Parish is lucky, as they already have the cameras installed, and won’t be out any more money for them.  Finding and paying folks to peruse 1200 or so hours of video might be something of a problem, of course.
  • I still like the idea of  central control over erasers with extreme prejudice for individual teachers possessing, selling or buying erasers.  Students will be given erasers by central control, and only central control.  Maybe we can put microchip GPS in the erasers to track their location.  Teachers could also have eraser sensors implanted just under the skin that will set off a warning siren in the front office when teachers come within a certain distance to the eraser.  For maximum effect, perhaps this warning siren could be loud enough to be heard throughout the school, while also notifying local law enforcement, the FBI, etc.
  • Or maybe we could just administer the tests on computers.  I know…boring.
  • Maybe someday soon teachers will get dressed up during test days, as they know they will be videotaped.  As Madison Parish already has cameras, do teachers there dress up more than they did before cameras?  Has this affected in any way the nose picking regimen of Madison Park teachers?

And locally, dear fellow APS teacher…are you ready for your close-up?


One thought on “Inevitable Testing News: Lights, Camera, Roll Film, Action!

  1. Tongue in cheek does not do your diatribe on monitoring cheating justice. THIS post is easily on of the funniest posts I’ve ever ready. You deserve a free pass on not being monitored for cheating for your students for several semesters.

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