Friday Distraction 12.30.11: Post #1000

In yet another sign your humble blogger can never stop when he’s ahead (or even remotely in the lead pack), records indicate this is the 1000th post here at Burque Babble.  Latching onto the apex of the blogging wave back in 2005, this site, like pretty much all blogs, is now the electronic version of circling garbage in an internet tidepool.  Still, it has provided your humble blogger with an excuse to “research” obscure things, while also offering a venue for his misguided notions and whims.  As such, Burque Babble has provided a fairly important public service, albeit a service directed, like all blogs, almost exclusively toward the blogger her/himself.

But, then again, without Burque Babble your humble blogger might have been found by this time ranting at city council and school board meetings, creating awkward silences at your front door while trying to get you to sign inane petitions, or pitifully sitting, almost alone, at some book signing held at some very-soon-to-be-closed bookstore.  1000 empty exercises in blogging seem pretty full compared with all that, really.

So, how to celebrate?

First, a little resolution to fit both the occasion and the season:  the internet will have to endure more blogging from Burque Babble this Spring Semester and beyond.  I could go into the whys and wherefores of it all, but resolutions should be brief and I feel self-conscious enough just bringing up the 1000th post thing.

Second, let’s celebrate with some YouTube, as it, more than perhaps anything else, has led to the near-death of writing on the interwebs in anything beyond 140-character nibbles.  Here’s Miles, along with a very, very young Tony Williams and the rest of the “Second Great Quintet” playing “Autumn Leaves” in Milan, 1964.  I was three years old in 1964.  I believe Tony Williams was about nine years old.  Nine, and just about running the “Second Great Quintet.”  Good thing Tony didn’t know about blogging.

Enjoy the Miles, your weekend, the New Year, and, if you’re willing to endure the many uninteresting bits, the next 1000 posts from Burque Babble.


One thought on “Friday Distraction 12.30.11: Post #1000

  1. I love Burque Babble! I think you are totally spot on with everything you have to say and I love that you tell it how it is. Thanks for writing!

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