Happy New Bike Year: Go Small or Stay Home in 2012


Last Summer I toured with a gentleman who rode the bicycle you see here…and now it has toured its way into my house.  Clicking through another therapeutic red flag on the bike touring craziness continuum, I’ve bought a foldie.

This makes four bicycles for me, now, as I try to keep up with my wife who’s up to five horses (albeit some are boarders).  After one ride in the delicious 55 degree weather yesterday I can report fun was had.  I also ache a bit in places my old bike(s) never explored, but am hopeful a few positional tweaks and repetition will soothe them.  The great touring advantage of a foldie, is, of course, being able to put the thing in a typical suitcase for flight.  I can also report that changing a 20″ bicycle tire has a novelty about it that helps overcome the mundane nature of such things.  It’s a bit like playing with toy trains or teaching kindergarten.

More on “Bike Tour 2012” I suppose, as my inability to suppress glee about it grows to an irritatingly unmanageable size.  I apologize in advance.


P.S.:  Yes, for those looking very closely, we do feed our cats on the kitchen table.  Doesn’t everybody?




One thought on “Happy New Bike Year: Go Small or Stay Home in 2012

  1. Folding bikes are so, well lets say, convenient. They are convenient, fun, and more than anything, dependable transportation. The bikes are not going to get you from point A to point B quickly, but they do get you there. Riding is better than walking and from what I saw in line the bikes almost all sell for less than $200. Seems like you’ve found a winner.

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