The True Kings/Queens of Comedy: Iowa Caucus 2012

Burque Babble adroitly avoids politics these days, with admitted lapses in adroitness from time to time.  In eons past, your humble blogger would have been following the run-up to the Iowa Republican Caucus daily, despite daily coverage for the 2012 affair starting sometime back in 2010.  Now, the only “analysis” I’ll offer is to simply imagine heading off to the  caucus meeting and see your choices:

  • Mitt Romney
  • Michele Bachmann
  • Newt Gingrich
  • Rick Santorum
  • Ron Paul
  • Rick Perry

It’s like going to a bakery that only offers variations of fruitcake.  Like going to a single’s bar…okay, I’ll stop now, this is “family” political analysis here.


Conditions are such that Rick Santorum is “surging” to third.  Rick Santorum should never be surging.  For obvious, internet-related reasons, the words “surging” and “Santorum” probably should never be in the same sentence.  At least in a family political analysis blog.  More to the point, Rick Santorum shouldn’t be surging to third in a race with only two candidates.  He is, or should be, surge-proof.

It doesn’t take much of a conspiracy theorist to wonder why the two major political parties are comfortable with the Iowa Caucus being “first in the nation,” as opposed to say Vermont or 4th Street in Olympia, Washington.  That said, it’s gonna be hard to ever top a ballot like the one offered the fine Republican folks in Iowa this evening.   That’s some might fine comedy fruitcake on the bill of fare tonight, I tell ya.


P.S.:  As I understand it, Jon Huntsman is not on the “ballot” really in Iowa, waiting instead for the hotbed of political liberalism that is New Hampshire.  Yup, New Hampshire follows Iowa…is it any wonder why Burque Babble gave this politics thing up?


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