Following the Testing Monte

I can’t help but notice WordPress is now setup for shorter, Twitter-like, posts. As in…quit yammering so much.  Too much writing makes the brain hurt, don’t it?  

I don’t know if I can keep this to 140 characters, but it’ll be short.  Yesterday, I hear tell that high school sophomores will now be taking the SBAs, unlike previous years.  Evidently this news went out to high school teachers yesterday, about 60 days before testing.  

I don’t see any news reports about this change (although that could be search operator error), and perhaps this isn’t really news.  Still, it’s worth noting that we middle school teachers have been told for a few months now that testing was being cut back for us, in particular writing would no longer be tested at 6th and 7th grade, due to budget restraints. 

Communication has never been our strong suit, has it?  Thus the cutbacks in writing testing seem supremely appropriate.  Twitter über alles.   

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