I Ayn’t Gonna Work on Randy’s Farm No More

The Ayn Rand Institute has been offering free classroom sets of Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead, etc., and eternally-cash-poor schools have been snapping them up to the point that the Institute is temporarily out of Anthem and others.   

“All You Have to Do Is Teach the Book”  

the friendly Institute book request page says in an extremely appropriate blood-red font.  

As a literature teacher at one of those eternally-cash-poor schools, this Rand thing has me thinking of other possible sources for free books.  Let me think…who else out there might want to help?

  • How about some L. Ron Hubbard? Note the cool Kraftwerk-era techno music.
  • Whoo-boy!  Some fine folks are offering The Anarchist Cookbook online!
  • Those slackers at the Church of the Sub-Genius are only offering bumperstickers and keychains.  Besides they have “church” in their title and we can’t have that.
  • Getting back to things with “Philosophy” in the title, the Frederich Nietzche “Circle” has an Amazon page (and much of the work in free on Kindles)
  • But we need something more Randian!  More low-brow philosophy meets high oap-opera fiction.  And without the sex, drugs and wrong style of free-thinking in Tom Robbins.  Where could we teachers possibly score free copies of such a combination outside of Ayn Rand?  Well there is the very first Google hit for “free books copies,” but we’re still talking churchy stuff here.
  • Oh wait, here’s an interesting story.

The best part on the last link…

 In a column for the local paper, Wesley Scroggins wrote that Slaughterhouse-Five “contains so much profane language, it would make a sailor blush with shame. The ‘f word’ is plastered on almost every other page. The content ranges from naked men and women in cages together so that others can watch them having sex to God telling people that they better not mess with his loser, bum of a son, named Jesus Christ.”

Problem solved folks…sign this literature teacher up for as many copies of Slaughterhouse-Five as possible.  This Wesley Scroggins fellow is such a good salesman he had me at “contains.”  




2 thoughts on “I Ayn’t Gonna Work on Randy’s Farm No More

  1. If you can figure out a way to teach the Church of the Sub-Genius, I’d consider it an honor and a pleasure to write the newspaper stories that get you fired. (Note that this is a joke! Full of humor!)

  2. There’s something to be said about how much I learned by being beaten over the head by the 2×4″ that was the Fountainhead. Thanks Ayn Rand!

    And thank you to Kurt Vonnegut, for Welcome to the Monkey House and Slaughterhouse Five.

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