We’re All Educational Bozos On This Rail Runner

Apologies to anyone who might have been expecting consistent posting…my grandiose plan to increase the amount of writing in my classes has made Jack all work and almost no blog these days.  Oh well.  But before I go back to editing some more comma splices, I can’t help but point out what you are already know…

New Mexico has educationally distinguished itself by being the only state to have its NCLB waiver declined.  A mark of distinction that has us in the news all over the place.  Take a bow, Public Education Department, the Obama Administration is giving away waivers like pony kegs at a Liquor Licensing Board convention, but…

From the stories, it certainly appears we’ll still get our waiver.  Maybe the Feds rejected our proposal because we had too many comma splices in the application, or something.  


5 thoughts on “We’re All Educational Bozos On This Rail Runner

  1. Too many comma splices?

    What, the poor children in Armenia are starving for comma splices and if we use too many there won’t be enough for them?

    Please. Murricans have a fundamental, natural right, guaranteed by the constitution, to use as many comma splces as we can afford to buy, and it’s government’s duty to make sure there are plenty of cheap comma splices available, and if that means drilling for comma splices in the Alaskan wilderness, that’s just the price that the wilderness will have to pay.

    It’s no wonder our children is not learning, when teachers don’t even know these obvious facts.

  2. I hope you haven’t died or something. I hate it when bloggers I follow die. If you’ve died, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll never read your blog again!!

    I was looking forward to finding out where you were going bicycling this year

    1. Mr. Schneider: Thanks for asking…and nope, not quite dead yet.

      As for my cycling Summer, I’m starting in Poland and we’ll see what happens from there. I’m off to Gdansk this coming Sunday.

      Thanks again..I’m thinking the blog is, alas, dead, but one never knows (or at least I don’t).


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