What Was Once Teaching is Now Only a Violation

Interesting list of standardized testing “violations” uncovered in Prince William County, Virginia found “inappropriate help” via tried-and-true silly methods, like:

A teacher at Elizabeth Vaughan Elementary admitted to shaking her head at a colleague when a student gave the wrong response, and exclaiming, “You go [student’s name]!” when a child chose the correct answer.

Okay, that dumber than a bag of hammers.  But others cases raise more troubling questions:

The state also received reports of a teacher in Arlington County who exchanged extra credit for his students’ scratch-paper sheets. Assistant superintendent Linda Erdos said the teacher was trying to prod students to work through their answers, and will not be disciplined.


…a Kerrydale Elementary School teacher took notes on exam questions.

The scratch paper/extra credit (good idea, I’m stealing it)  and note-taking teacher aren’t getting busted, thankfully, but what sort of greasy slippery slope of ethics is being practiced here?  We can all laugh about the “you go Johnny!” idiocy noted above, but what exactly is and isn’t “fair” in a world full of SAT/ACT test-prep, constantly changing testing instruments (and scoring norms, I’m looking at you, Florida) and mysteriously vague gauges of what constitutes “proficiency” in the first place?

Which reminds me to talk about “literary devices” and New Mexico “standards” in my next post.

I’ll end. for now, with a teaser pre-test:

Which word best combines onomatopoeia and explanatory power in describing New Mexico standardized testing at this point?

  1. Suck
  2. Boom
  3. Slimy
  4. Insidious

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