Now With 100% Less Educational Content

When you start spending significant time “reassessing your blog,” you know you have too much time on your hands.  Or, you might simply be avoiding something.

After having not thought about “Burque Babble” almost as long as everyone else on Planet Earth has not thought about “Burque Babble,” I’ve pondered what, if anything, to do here at your one-stop internet shop for, well, in recent months/years/presidential administrations, just about nothing.  Little to no content whatsoever.  What’s to blame for this complete dearth of prose?  Here are some reasons I’ve pondered over in the past few days:

  • Blogs are dead.  Well, that’s obvious, but just because something is dead has never stopped me from uselessly soldiering forth.  Take jazz music, for instance.
  • Other Burque news sources have replaced the need for Burque Babble.  This statement implies that there ever was a need for Burque Babble, a ridiculous contention.  Still, it has not escaped my attention that Hailey Heinz now has an “education blog” at the Albuquerque Journal.  My first reaction to this fact is to point out that this proves my earlier point that blogs are dead.  When the Journal does something, you know it’s dead.  I have other reactions to this new education blog, but will withhold them due to the next bullet…
  • I’m sick of writing about education.  Yup, that’s the #1, with a common core bullet, fact I’ve come to realize via my recent days of blogging meditation.  Spoken in purely K-12 educational terms, I could not possibly care less about “Common Core Standards,” whether President Romney would kill “Common Core Standards,” whether “Common Core Standards” is some sort of commie-pinko code for “flouridation,” and/or whether NM Public Education Department Director-in-never-ever-legislatively approved Hanna Skandera will or won’t be able to cram “Common Core Standards” down a single metaphorical educational neck here.  It’s not that I’m opposed to her’s just that I don’t care.  Not an iota.  Not a half-iota.

So that’s that, I guess.  Right?  What is this place if not a bathroom floor for Scot to vomit his educational views upon?  What’s the point of this pointless exercise if not to edumucate everyone out there on how edumucation should be run?

Well, that’s what we’re about to find out.  It might take a while, but if you’ve got some sick fascination with seeing a blogging caterpillar turn into a, quite possibly, hideous, one wing shorter than the other,  blogging butterfly, drop by from time to time. If it can turn out badly for Dr. Frankenstein, why not me?




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