All Climate Change and No Snow Makes Salida….

Playing hooky from school post-Harvest Festival and hiding out near the lovely, yet snowless Collegiate Peaks.  Sure there’s been years without snow up here this late, but a story in the Denver Post on “catastrophic” insurance claims jumping in the last ten years does make one wonder about man’s ability to screw up the weather.  

The buzz is still here in Salida,, nevertheless.  The town seems to have as many restaurants as Albuquerque and Friday night’s lighting of the Christmas Tree mountain overlooking the town was packed with just about everyone of its 5,000 or so inhabitants.  On the flip side of calm, downtown was the site of a car, sitting at a stop sign, hit by a careening deer.  Overheard talk centered on Monach Pass Ski Area not being open and a buyer’s market in real estate.  Motels are far from full and the restaurants have slowed their service down, apparently due to hiring an inadequate amount of staff.

Or maybe that’s just us “big city” out-of-towners thrusting our frenetic pace and apocalyptic climato-economic vibe on a slower moving village that doesn’t really care quite so much to make so much money, so fast.  I’d like to think so.

For us city slickers it’s two school days here before going back into the maw of Burque and that strangely busy school time between Harvest Festival and Winter Break.  Easy to say now, with no papers to grade for a change and no 1st Period class to prepare for, but I think I might crank out a few posts here in coming days.  

I know…it’s been said, wrongly, before.  Looking out this B&B window looking down onto perhaps uncharacteristically, sleepy, snowless Salida near daily “publication” appears very doable.  I wonder how many papers/class periods it will take for that feeling to change this time.  


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