Dear NM K-12 Teacher Evaluating Administrator

Have I told you lately that I love you?  

NM Governor Susana Martinez wants increased shows of teacher/principal love…

While it does not call for an across-the-board salary hike, the executive branch’s spending plan would provide $11 million in merit-based pay raises for teachers who score highly in newly implemented state evaluations. Those merit-based raises could reach 10 percent, Martinez said.

Let the, uh, um…metaphorical application of teacher lips to various administrative bodily regions begin.  By the way, that’s a lovely tie you’re wearing today, Mr. Principal.  Have I mentioned how wonderful I thought your email was from last Friday?  Increased attention to Common Core strategies including “The 12 Powerful Words”?   Couldn’t agree more.

What’s the Latin phrase for “beyond ad nauseam“?


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