Air 755, Beijing 0

Sports is all about numbers and “scoreboard,” and the sport I’m following most closely this weekend are those Air Quality Index (AQI) numbers from Beijing.  Like most scoreboards, the cause/meaning of the number is always somewhat complicated, but it might not be oversimplifying to say that China has a big problem.  We’ve all seen the face masks, but never has the problem become so viral.

Well, except in China, where Internet viruses are inundated with intense web-antibiotics.  Interestingly, the big NYT story with recent, amazing, scores is not offering reader comments.  Hmmm….

One is immediately reminded of London’s 1952 “Killer Fog.”  One also hopes that Beijing/Chinese/Worldwide policy makers don’t require the same massive loss of life to make massive necessary changes in China.

The BBC has a few photos up (and many of the linked “Beijing” tweets feature instagrams and such.  And another thing, as I write, Phoenix is at a AQI of 116.  This internet is good for more than just videos from Korean dancer dudes.


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