Three Video Links In Response to Sandia HS’s New IB Program

I like the International Baccalaureate idea. And I like the idea of educational folks ’round here trying new ideas, especially ideas that don’t involve every single school doing things exactly the same.  Rah.  Rah.

On the other hand, my aversion to public relations/marketing/sales exceeds retching and approaches metaphorical projectile vomiting when I read press releases that include things like:

Students who will be juniors next school year have until Feb. 15 to apply for the world-recognized college prep program housed at Sandia High (blogger italics).

A few terms/visuals such phraseology evokes…

Term/Video #1:  Sneaky. Definitely sneaky.  Tom Waits (vocals), Frank Vicari (Saxophone), Dr. Fitzgerald Jenkins III (Bass), Chip White (drums)


Term/Video #2:  Perhaps the expression “slightly disingenuous” fits here.  (also note interesting word choice at end of “commercial”) 


Term/Video #3:  But certainly not this disingenuous.  Thankfully.  No we’re not talking Randy Newman voice of evil here…far closer to sneaky.

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