APS is One Hip, Hip, Hip Lady, Man

Proving that there’s more to Albuquerque Public Schools “social media” than references to barnyard animals (and the feeling that we as old people are being left out of what increasingly constitutes the world), APS Social Media Director/Guru/Barnyard Animal Expert Maralyn Beck has a blisteringly unimportant idea for sharing the APS story.  It’s “#ThrowbackThursday,” and yes it has a hash-tag and is, therefore, hip in a sort of 2011 sort of way.

Quite simply, this is the difference-maker.

APS is now officially “with it” and has a “brand” that says:  “Young people and everyone else who thinks we’re about as relevant as Lite-Brite, look at us, we’re just as cool as Pitchfork, Geekosystem and Wonkette put together times infinity!”

Really, I don’t mind such things.  Honest.  Well, except for every time I get that staff email telling us we have to cut back on copies/technology/stipends/etc. due to budget cutbacks.  Oh, and my paycheck that hasn’t seen a raise in about seven years.  Then there’s the lack of a crossing guard at our school next to a very busy intersection.  And what about….


P.S.:  There’s really online Lite-Brite?


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