Huzzah! We’re Not the Worst!

Usually when an organization gives folks a “heads-up” about some impending great news the news is great.  So, when APS sent out a press release a few days back bubbling over with kids staring at present under the holiday tree delight about some test scores on one of the 1,937 different standardized tests students take these days, you had to think something amazing was coming along.  And now the big day has arrived and here’s the news:

WE’RE MEDIOCRE!!!  YAY!!!!11!1111!!!!!1

Two interesting findings from the “TUDA,” which I know zero about, but how can one keep track of all 1,937 standardized tests out there these days?

1.  “The latest findings for large school districts show that Albuquerque children have more in common with urban kids coast to coast, in cities as disparate as Boston, Detroit and San Diego.”  In other words, we in Albuquerque have absolutely zero self-esteem and consider this good news.

2.  It helps when the rest of your state is particularly awful when it comes to education. “Albuquerque children, once again, outperformed their statewide peers, a finding that bucks the national trend in most other large districts involved in the TUDA study. In most cases, the urban districts scored lower than their states.”

Yay, awful rest of New Mexico!!!

Please, God, make it stop…



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