Where’s Winston?

In these troubled teaching times, one needs all the inspiration they can get.  One needs a soothing voice out there to tell us everything is gonna be all right.  You know, like a Bob Marley of education.

And APS Superintendent Winston Brooks has been that Bob Marley this school year.  Telling us not to quit.  Talking us off the proverbial ledge and celebrating our successes, no matter how seemingly insignificant those “successes” have been.

But ever since “oink, oink,” it just hasn’t been the same.  That comforting voice has become more sporadic and now, in recent weeks, seems to have been silenced altogether.  We’re into our third week of Spring Semester…and nothing yet.  Despair.  Hopelessness.

Maybe the guy is busy.  Perhaps it’s only because his beloved Kansas City Chiefs lost in the playoffs.  It could be that when people start using their office assistant email accounts to indirectly proclaim things that a slight bit of internet paranoia is at play as well.

I don’t know…but baby, it’s cold out there in that January of an educational land.  And that voice we so readily used to warm our metaphorical hands is missing.  Silence.

Woe is us.  Time to put on bigger mittens and trudge into the arctic wind.


One thought on “Where’s Winston?

  1. Here’s the really sad part: If a superintendent worked 16-hour days or did not come in for three weeks, the average teacher would not know the difference.

    In my 24 years in the classroom, I’ve had contact with the big boss just twice.

    1. I had written a letter to the Journal in support of what teachers do in the classroom and Jack Bobroff–who just recently passed away–called me at home to thank me for the letter.

    2. A certain superintendent who drove a motorcycle did come to a faculty meeting. He was late and ALL I remember is that we were served really good pie as a snack.

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